Cash Management & Payment

Allows you to electronically pay your employees, suppliers and corporate creditors.

Business Card (Travel & Expense)
A MasterCard credit card, with your company and your employee’s name embossed on the card, used as a convenient payment option for employee expenses.

Imaging Services
This product provides an image of the front and back of a cashed cheque via the Internet Cash Management system.

International Drafts/Money Orders
A paper based transaction that allows a client to transfer money, in any currency within CPA guidelines (presently $25MM).

Internet Cash Management
A secure web-based product which allows you to access to your Concentra corporate account information and allows you to complete transactions such as electronic bill payment, wires, transfers, AFT, loan payments, stop payments, letters of credit and others.

Sweep Products (Provincial, National, Internet Cash Concentration)
This service automatically takes the balance from an account at any credit union or financial institution in Canada, and transfers it to your Concentra corporate account.

Wire Payments (SWIFT)
A product to electronically transmit funds to any financial institution anywhere in the world.