Commercial Leasing Services

Through our Commercial Leasing Services business line, Concentra Financial provides lease financing alternatives to commercial clients, professionals, public, and private sector enterprises seeking equipment, technology and infrastructure financing.

Competitive pricing, innovative financing structures and superior service ensures our team of leasing specialists can help your organization obtain the equipment you need with a financing option that fits your business goals.

Lease financing is available through our partnerships with credit unions, leasing brokers and participating vendors, as well as directly from Concentra.

Partnerships with credit unions allow Canadian communities to retain the local economic benefits that result from lease transactions.

Why Lease?

  • Lower Payments - Standard loan financing can cost far more per month than leasing.
  • Designed for You - We can tailor a specific payment structure for almost any type of business and equipment.
  • Latest Equipment - Replace or upgrade your equipment at the end of the lease.¬† Your equipment is always up to date and maximizes efficiency.
  • Preserve Credit - Leasing versus purchasing expands your available capital without interfering with your established credit.
  • Overcome Budget Restrictions - You can't always predict when you'll need equipment. You can obtain what you need now even if it is not budgeted.
  • Pay as You Profit - Put the equipment to work and pay as it generates revenue.

We Know Your Business

Let's work together to design a lease program for the equipment you need. For example:

  • Heavy equipment for construction, mining and energy sectors Semi-tractors and trailers
  • Grain bins and agricultural equipment
  • Computer networks and communications systems
  • Medical, laboratory and diagnostic equipment
  • Government infrastructure equipment

What industries do we serve?

  • Construction
  • Mining and energy sectors
  • Financial
  • Retail
  • Agricultural
  • Medical and Dental
  • Professional including architects, lawyers and engineers
  • Government

Why Concentra Commercial Leasing?

  • We understand your financing requirements
  • We offer a simple application process
  • We manage inquiries and applications quickly and efficiently
  • We have a strong, dedicated team of leasing specialists
  • We can develop a customized lease program to meet your business needs