An Escrow Trust enables organizations or individuals to perform a financial transaction with confidence. A professional trustee retains the assets until all contractual obligations have been met.

Escrow trusts can be established for a variety of transactions such as:
  • Non-profit life leased projects for seniors’ rental house
  • Software and source code
  • Organizations raising capital
Designed to help your organization:
  • Monitor the progress of deposits to the escrow trust.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that the assets held in escrow are in the hands of a professional trustee.
Concentra provides:
  • Professional trustee services backed by over fifty years experience in meeting the needs of diverse organizations.
  • Skilled professionals to ensure compliance with legislative regulations.
  • An up-to-date register of all assets deposited to the trust during the term of the escrow.
  • Complete reporting to the organization establishing the escrow trust.
  • Safe custody of the assets in escrow.
  • Investment of funds held in escrow in accordance with investment instructions.
  • Preparation of necessary financial and taxation statements.
  • Distribution of assets or funds in accordance with the terms of the escrow trust.
  • Easy access for your organization’s staff to obtain ongoing support and assistance via phone, fax or email.
Your organization:
  • Retains Concentra to hold assets for the benefit of others until a triggering event occurs or certain conditions are met.
  • Ensures amounts held in escrow are promptly forwarded to Concentra.