Supplementary Services

Through your corporate banking account relationship with Concentra, a full suite of supplementary commercial services are also available to fulfill your business' needs and objectives.

Current Account (Chequing Accounts)
Commercial chequing account which provides the corporate client with a convenient method of collecting and disbursing funds to satisfy financial obligations.

Export Letters of Credit
Provides the client with the buyer's bank undertaking that the client will be paid, provided the client ships the goods and presents the documents specified in the Letter of Credit within a stipulated time.

Interest Rate Derivatives
Contract between client and the financial institution to exchange the interest rate obligations or receipts in the same currency for a specified period up to ten years. Generally swaps are contracted at a fixed rate against a floating rate index in a currency to which the client is exposed.

Integrated HR Management Services
A database system that houses and provides reporting on your company's employees.

Merchant Services
This product gives a client the ability to accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment for goods sold.

Payroll Services
A service which allows a client to process the employee payroll in-house.