Cemetery & Funeral Trusts

Cemetery Boards and Funeral Homes can expand their service offerings by providing their clients access to Cemetery Trusts and/or Funeral Trusts. In these types of arrangements, Concentra, as trustee, acts on behalf of your clients to ensure the safekeeping of funds assigned for these services.
Designed to help your organization:
  • Expand your services by offering Cemetery and Funeral Trusts.
  • Provide peace of mind for your clients with the knowledge that the plan assets are in the hands of a professional, impartial trustee.
Concentra provides:
  • Professional trustee services for funds designated to pay for Cemetery and Funeral contracts.
  • Skilled professionals to ensure compliance with legislative regulations governing your arrangement.
    Preparation and execution of trust agreements.
  • Safe custody of the trust assets.
  • Release of funds in accordance with the terms of the contract and legislative regulations.
  • Accurate accounting records.
  • Complete reporting to the organization.
  • Preparation and filing of the required annual tax return, if required.
  • Easy access for your organization’s staff to obtain ongoing support and assistance via phone, fax or email.
Your organization:
  • Retains Concentra to act on behalf of your clients under a Cemetery or Funeral Trust.
  • Forwards contributions to Concentra Trust to be held in trust.