Administration Accounts
Concentra can be retained to act as your agent to administer various financial duties. You define the degree of control you wish to exercise and Concentra is responsible for day-to-day completion of transactions. Regular reporting provides you with the details of all transactions and investments made.
Personal Administration Accounts
You may wish to consider a Personal Administration Account if:
  • You travel extensively
  • You wish to maintain independence and retain control of your assets
  • Deteriorating health inhibits your ability to manage your own affairs

In a personal situation, Concentra can provide:

  • Safekeeping of assets
  • Collection of income
  • Payment of bills and expenses, including income tax installments
  • Carrying out investment transactions
  • Filing income tax returns (optional fee-for-service for additional fee)
Farm Administration Accounts
You may wish to consider a Farm Administration Account if:
  • You have inherited farmland and have no desire or intention of farming.
  • You currently own farmland, wish to retire and your family is unable or unwilling to take over at this time.
  • You currently own farmland and wish to travel extensively.
Under a farming situation, Concentra can:
  • Carry out the contractual and legal responsibilities associated with farming.
  • Place insurance on land and buildings.
  • Arrange for rental or lease of property and buildings.
  • Monitor crop production.
  • Collect and distribute farm income. activities