Commercial Credit

Loan Syndication

This service allows your credit union the opportunity to diversify into nontraditional markets and industries by syndicating relationships that require our products and services. This is achieved through the purchasing or selling of assets, to or from Concentra.

Available through our Corporate Banking business line, often in partnership with our corporate clients’ local credit unions in BC, AB and SK, Concentra offers medium to large businesses a full range of credit services. Competitive rates, collaborative approaches, larger scale syndicated financing and exceptional service set us apart from other commercial lenders.

Credit services offered include:

  • Domestic Letters of Credit
    An instrument issued in favor of a beneficiary by which Corporate Banking substitutes our creditworthiness for that of the applicant.
  • Operating Lines of Credit
    Pre-authorized, flexible revolving demand credit facilities designed to meet the day-to-day financing requirements of a business, government or its agencies.
  • Term Credit
    For financing fixed asset purchases, including purchase of equipment, buildings, or finance consolidation of existing financing for eligible borrowers.
  • Creditor Insurance
    Optional life and disability insurance for corporate officers of borrowers.