Transfer Agent / Registrar
As Transfer Agent/Registrar, Concentra provides complete administration services for your business member while they are raising capital through share offerings.
Designed to help your business member:
  • Obtain the professional, accurate administrative services of an impartial third party.
  • Monitor transactions associated with the sale of shares.
  • Offer shares with confidence; your business member is working with the professional resources needed to administer complex business transactions.
Concentra provides:
  • Professional share offering administration services backed by over fifty years experience in meeting the needs of diverse organizations.
  • Accurate maintenance of the shareholder registry, including redemption services for preferred shares.
  • Disbursement services for payment and dividend re-investment when dividends are declared.
  • Distribution of all correspondence, such as mailing the company’s annual report, proxies, etc.
  • Acceptance of signed proxies and preparation of voting list for shareholders’ meetings.
  • Accounting and maintenance of records pertaining to number of shares issued and outstanding, including records of issuance, cancellations, conversions, stock splits, redemptions and secondary offerings.
  • Assurance that the certificates presented for counter-signature represent the aggregate number of shares authorized to be issued in the Board Resolution.
  • Easy access for your business member’s staff to obtain ongoing support and assistance via phone, fax or email.
Your business member:
  • Retains Concentra to perform specified administrative transfer agent/registrar duties.
  • Maintains responsibility for the sale and marketing of the shares and member relationship management.