Foreign Exchange Services

Concentra Financial ensures foreign exchange services are accessible and competitive for credit unions and their members.

Our advanced foreign exchange online trading platform offers an intuitive and reliable trading experience. Designed to source real-time pricing from multiple liquidity providers, clients receive competitive pricing with all transactions executed securely and efficiently and settled with ease.


Concentra FX (Tier I)
Credit Union trading with Concentra

  • access to Spot, Forward, Swap and Order transactions
  • USD/CAD, EUR/CAD currency trading available
  • stay current with financial news and market analysis from industry experts
  • access advanced analytical reporting tools
  • trade anytime the foreign exchange markets are open, 24 hours a day, 5.5 days per week

Click here to request a free demo account.

Credit Union FX (Tier II)
Credit union members trading with the credit union

Value-added service to members, customizable to the credit union (brand as your own)

  • revenue generating opportunity for credit unions (determine spread)
  • built for high volume trading (ideal for commercial account members)
  • Spot, Forward, Swap and Order transactions available
  • USD/CAD, EUR/CAD currency trading available
  • trade anytime the foreign exchange markets are open 24 hours a day, 5.5 days per week


Spot Transactions

A means by which your credit union or member is able to exchange one currency for another. Settlement is same day for all spot transactions.

Watch our demo video of a spot transaction using the Concentra FX trading platform.

Forward (Outright) Contracts

Provides protection against future fluctuations in exchange rates by locking in the exchange rate today, and taking delivery or receiving the funds in the future.


Plain Vanilla or Forward Forwards available. Please enquire for more details.

Currency Orders

Credit unions or members can place orders to buy or sell a currency at a specific target exchange rate for a specified period or until cancelled by the credit union or member. When the order fills, it settles that day as a spot transaction or can be rolled into one or multiple forward contracts.


We make it easy and profitable for credit unions to manage their foreign exchange activities in-house and direct to members. Learn more about our industry-leading trading platforms. Contact the Concentra FX team or 1-306-566-1747.