A custodian arrangement enables organizations to engage a third party to hold assets, carry out investment instructions and provide account administration in accordance with the terms of a trust agreement.
Designed to help your organization:
  • Monitor the transactions associated with the assets held in custody.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that the assets are in the hands of a professional organization.
Concentra provides:
  • Skilled professionals to ensure compliance with account requirements.
  • Safe custody of the assets.
  • Release of funds in accordance with instructions received by designated parties.
  • Execution and settlement of buy and sell orders.
  • Monitoring and collection of dividends and interest.
  • Monitoring of corporate actions(rights/conversions/takeovers, etc.) connected with the portfolio.
  • Complete reporting to the customer and other designated parties.
  • Easy access to obtain ongoing support and assistance via phone, fax or email.
Your credit union:
  • Retains Concentra to receive and hold assets.
  • Directs investment of assets and release of funds.