Trustee or Agent for the Trustee
If your member has been named as trustee, Concentra can be retained as an agent to assist with the administration of the trust. The duties of a trustee are many and varied. As well, the role carries with it the potential for personal liability in the event of mishandling or errors.
Your member may wish to consider retaining Concentra to act as agent for the trustee if:
  • They have no expertise in the handling of a trust and don’t know where to begin.
  • They do not reside in the province in which the trust will be administered.
  • They need assistance with a single component of the trust’s administration. For example, appropriate safeguarding of unusual assets.
As your agent, Concentra can provide:
  • Safeguarding of assets.
  • Professional trustee services backed by over fifty years of experience in estate and trust administration.
  • Investment transactions under your member’s direction.
  • Administration services in accordance with the terms of the trust document.
  • Distribution of assets upon termination of the trust.
  • Reporting of transactions and administration activities.