Estate Administration
As the appointed Executor or Co-Executor of your member’s will, Concentra completes the administration of their estate. Assets and liabilities are located; debts, expenses and claims satisfied; preparation and filing of required tax returns is completed, and assets are distributed to the correct beneficiaries.
Your member should consider the advantages of a professional executor if:
  • Their estate is extensive, complex and/or has many beneficiaries.
  • Their spouse and/or family do not have the time, experience or expertise to be an executor.
  • Their intended executor lives outside your province of residence.
  • They have a physically or mentally challenged dependent.
  • They have a spendthrift child.
  • Their children are minors and a trustee will be required to administer long-term trusts.
  • They have children from a previous relationship.
  • Their adult children do not get along.
  • They are concerned that having a family member administer their estate may cause rifts in the family.
  • They plan to include perpetual charitable trusts or multi-generational trusts that will require a continuous and permanent trustee.
  • They want to limit any personal liability for family members.