Estate Agency
Concentra can be retained to act as an Agent for your member in the event they have been named an Executor, Estate Administrator or Estate Trustee.
Executor or Estate Administrator
As agent for the executor, Concentra will perform any or all of the duties of the executor, on behalf of that executor. This may include locating assets and liabilities; satisfying debts, expenses and claims; preparation and filing of required tax returns and distribution of assets to the correct beneficiaries. Duties are carried out under the instruction of the named executor and regular reporting provides detailed information to the executor.
Executor EASE
A program designed for executors who are willing and able to perform some of the executor’s duties but need assistance with complex or time consuming tasks.  Professional assistance from Concentra is available on a per hour basis and can be selected from a menu of options.  
When your member has been named as Trustee in a will, as their agent, Concentra can provide professional, impartial, and long-term services. Under the member’s direction, this may include safe custody of assets, ongoing trust administration in compliance with both the trust and governing authorities, and payment to beneficiaries. Regular reporting provides your member with detailed information on the assets held and transactions processed.
Your member should consider obtaining the services of a professional agent to act on their behalf when:
  • They do not have the expertise or experience in handling a complex estate or trust.
  • They are concerned that family conflict may arise from them performing these functions.
  • The member is also named a beneficiary in the will.
  • They do not reside in the province in which the estate will be settled or trust will be administered.