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Making a Claim

  1. Contact Concentra Financial and request a search of Concentra Financial's unclaimed property database.
  2. Document your claim, in writing, being sure to include the following information.

    • Your name and current mailing address
    • Your previous mailing address (to where the property may have been sent and returned to Concentra Financial as undeliverable), if applicable The origin of the property (i.e. identify the origin of the deposit, cheque, or other asset for which you are making a claim).
    • A photocopy of your Social Insurance Number card for identification purposes

  3. If claiming more than one property, please submit a separate claim for each property.
  4. When complete, please sign your claim and mail it, with supporting documents, to the above address. Questions regarding your claim may be directed to the above addresses or telephone number.
  5. If your claim is denied, you will be advised of Concentra Financial’s appeals procedure.

Once we have reviewed your claim, we may additionally request an affidavit to prove the ownership of the unclaimed asset and/or ask you to provide proof of the underlying asset to which the property is related.

The personal information requested is used to determine the rightful owner of the unclaimed property and is provided voluntarily by the person making the claim. It is used for the sole purpose of administering claims in accordance with the Unclaimed Property Act of British Columbia.

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