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Co-operative Social Responsibility

Concentra Financial is a business-to-business co-operative serving the Canadian credit union system. When carrying out our charitable donation strategy, this means that we do not support nor respond to donation or sponsorship requests from private individuals or organizations. Instead, we give back to the community through the following avenues:

  1. Credit Union System
    emPOWERING Your Communities Winners

    Concentra appreciates the importance of the individual credit union in its respective community and its role in supporting charitable events and initiatives. From time-to-time throughout the year, Concentra will ask credit unions to identify specific local projects that could qualify for this funding. As Concentra is a national company, these funds will be made available to eligible credit unions across Canada.

  2. Co-operative Community

    Concentra supports community, provincial, national and international co-operative organizations. Funding is provided to assist with the development and operation of co-operative ventures.

  3. Local Community

    Concentra recognizes staff and directors that actively participate in fundraising events and/or volunteer in their local community by making corporate contributions in recognition of that involvement.

    Annually, Concentra selects specific registered charities that support initiatives that are aligned with its philosophy and co-operative principles to receive this community funding.

If you are considering soliciting Concentra for a donation or sponsorship, then we respectfully ask that you refrain from doing so. If you have any questions regarding Co-operative Social Responsibility as it pertains to Concentra Financial, you may contact us at